Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 2

Here we continute our Thank God It’s Friday Selections. Here we give you a great sendoff into the weekend with articles, blogs, pictures and lots more we have come across during the week. Stuff we found interesting or amusing and thought it would be nice to share.

Porta bene, porta male
An article from an Italian blog about Italian popular believes.

Holly versus Bolly
A review on the Oscars won by Slumdog Millionaire and the possibility of Hollywood getting closer to the biggest film industry in the world, Bollywood. Associação de Críticos de Cinema do Rio Grande do Sul is a website mostly journalists writing reviews on cinema.

The Annual Chinese character for 2008
“囧”(jiǒng) is the Annual Chinese character for 2008. Since it looks like an emotional expression such as “Do not want”, “Shock!”, or “dramatic…”, is widely used in China. Usually people use “囧rz” to repersent a kneeling or bowing person with despair or embarrassed.
(pic source: http://commons.uncyclomedia.org/wiki/Image:%E5%9B%A7.jpg)

Internauci skłonni płacić za internet bez reklam
A summary of Polish Internet users’ behaviour patterns based on a recent study. Among others it says that, although 50% of Internet users feel they pay too much for it, 90 % would be ready to extra money to use the Internet without ads (in Poland we have many very unnerving pop-ups). Also we can read in the article that every fifth Internet user would rather give up sex than the Internet :). Three fourths of the Polish Internet user would participate in all elections and referendums if they could vote via Internet…
The idiom:
być skłonnym (zrobić coś) – to be prone (to do sth), to be inclined (to do sth), to be ready (to do sth)
internauta (pl. internauci) – Internet user
The website: online version of one of the biggest daily newspapers in Poland

French: (in English)
Informal French – Questions
How French speakers REALLY ask question. Quite different of what you learned in French classes.
The site is the ultimate ressource for French learners. A mass of short practical articles to get rid of those tiny, annoying, subtle mistakes.

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