Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 21

Thank God it’s Friday! Here we are again, in front of the computer, looking for some funny and probably useless links. But, well, don’t feel guilty, relax, sit back and enjoy this week’s selection. You can contribute as well, just send the links you think are interesting to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la

Corentin from Belgium (French/English)
Michael Jackson’s only song in French: “Je ne veux pas la fin de nous”

Venezuela (English)
Are you a fast-typer? Compare your skills with others and show what you’ve got!

Italy (Italian)
Italia dall’estero
Italy from an external point of view

France (English)
This clip from Dane Cook, an american stand-up comedian, will make you laugh your head off. A must watch.

Korea (Korean)
With this amazing street cheering, Korea caught international media attention and admiration.

Brazil (English)
Looking for some inspiration for your wedding? Here you go…

Russia (Russian)
I love you!
Say I love you in many languages…

Romania (Romanian and “Romanian”)
Remember last summer`s hits? Watch the first video…. Nice, right? Now watch the second video for a cheerful Friday. Maybe he has learned the song by now 🙂

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