Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 23

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY! Our weekly selection is here again. Take a look at the silly funny pages we recommend and add some of your own to share with others. If you have some comments or suggestions, send them to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la!

A user-friendly website where you will find a lot of tips if you plan on travelling around Europe. Funny and really useful.

Love Song (English)
Spanish is all about passion, even after one semester…

Latte-Art and Wikihow (English)
Creating art on your coffee. Here you can see some nice designs and in case you wann learn how to do it, wikihow teaches you!

Zelig – Checco Zalone – Vasco Rossi (Italian)
The ultimate Italian music culture reviwed by a brilliant Italian artist and comedian

Wedding Ceremony (Korean)
Korean traditional wedding ceremony. Enjoy the exotic video, feel how happy they are and have interests in Korea 🙂 !

How to Ignore your Little Brother (English)
If you have issues dealing with someone who’s really annoying, check this out.

English Words Used in Hindi Language (Hindi)
Interesting article about how media is making Hindi language impure with English words in their news.

Funny Chinese Song (Chinese)
Little cute Chinese girls tell you something funny in their life in a song.

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