Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 31

The weekend has started and that’s why we are here again bringing you our selection of silly funny links for the week. Take some time off what you’re doing to check them out, you deserve a break after a long week of hard work… And remember if you stumble upon something interesting or have any suggestions send them to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la!

Funny English Mistranslations (English)
Language mistakes that will make you giggle…

Human LCD Screen
It’s amazing what a group of people can do when working together. In sync!

Wedding in Heaven (Russian)
A young couple from Belgium celebrated their marriage on a height of 50 meters. The priest, the guests and the musicians were lifted with two special platforms.

Fatih Terim is speaking English (English)
Fatih Terim teaches perfect English to everyone

Archipelago Europe (English, French, German, Hungarian)
“The Europe of the Cold War has disintegrated. Instead of two once homogeneous regions – “the East” and “the West” – there are now fragments, enclaves, and islands”. Discover the new Europe with this article by Karl Schlögel.

A Hot One…
We told you we love cats.

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