Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 5

Good news, it’s Friday again! This also means new Thank God It’s Friday Selections. Have a look at all this week’s new topics. Here are a few articles, blogs, pictures and even videos we have come across during the week. We found them interesting or amusing and thought it would be nice to share it with you and get a great sendoff into the weekend at the same time.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Curso de línguas com humor
Are you tired of studying English but just learning useless expressions? Here are some funny and maybe a bit more useful sentences to learn in English. But watch out, these are litteral translations from the ones in Portuguese and are completely wrong when said in English – but are good for laughing. Have fun.

France (French)
La dépêche du Rome-Yaoundé ou la stratégie de Bismarck
This articles makes a parallel between the collective hysteria provoked by the recent Pope’s statements on Aids when visiting Cameroun and the collective hysteria provoked by the Bismarck’s Elm’s telegram in 1870.
Here is also a link between the Ems’ telegram and the Pope’s last statement on Aids

Germany (German)
Die besten April-Scherze im Web 2009
This blogpost lists the 15 “best” April Fools’ Day pranks on the Web… including the YouTube new page design.

Italy (German and Italian)
Die Deutschen lieben die Italiener, aber…
The complicated relationship between Italians and Germans now explained! Germans love Italians, but they don’t value them. Italians value Germans, but they don’t love them. Do you think this is only a word game?

India (English)
Slumdog Millionaire, an Oscar Favorite, Is No Hit in India
An article on how the movie that made waves the world over, has ruffled feathers in the place it made famous.

Japan (Japanese)
Samurai Japan’s victory in WBC! Congratulations!
Hello, Baseball fans! Have you ever watched WBC (World Baseball Classic Championship) games? Here is a video of The Japanese team called Samurai Japan which triumphed over South Korea Team in the Semi-final game.
Vocabulary: Baseball (野球), Triumph (勝利), Samurai(侍)

Poland (German)
Shopping in Polen
The global economic crisis shows its positive side for some! Because of the very low position of the Polish currency (złoty) the exchange rate from Euro is very advantageous. That’s good news for hundreds of Germans living next to the Polish border who storm the supermarkets in the nearby Polish cities and can’t believe how cheap everything is (for them). View the report.

Romania (Romanian)
Un oraș care mai merită atenție
This interview will take you back to the city with a bizarre charm, Bucharest – you might want to rediscover it.

Sweden (Swedish)
Välkommen till vethut.nu!
What is “hut”? The word has been around since the 17th century. Originally the word was used when chastising dogs. Today it means to respect social norms and rules. It is usually used to reprimand children and adolescents. “Vet hut” means as much as “shame on you”!

USA (English)
Being from New Zealand I couldn’t help but fall in love with these cute little sheep-on-a-stick, it puts a nice “kiwi twist” on the regular Eater treats that are around at the moment – which always seem to be rabbits and baby chickens… although of course there are some of those too! Not strictly about language, but hey -Easter is just around the corner, so enjoy!

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