Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 51

Finally Friday! The most anticipated day of the week is here, and the most anticipated list as well. We are loaded with funny and interesting links, check them out and share them! And remember, if you stumble upon something interesting or have any suggestions send them to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

Speech Tics (French)
Vote for the most annoying speech tics!

I Gotta Feeling… (English/French)
Excellent parody of the Black Eyed Peas’ song, subtitled in French.

How Did You Meet? (English)
This is a list of some of the extra options that Linkedin should consider to add to the famous “How did you meet that person?”.

20 Worst Engrish Ever (English?)
A few very badly translated signs, adverts, etc to make you chuckle.

Winter around Europe (English)
Beautiful pictures of European cities during the winter

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