Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 6

We didn’t have any TGIF selection last week, but the Thank God It’s Friday Selections is back. And although most of us didn’t work on Monday,well, Friday remains a Friday and we still all wait for the weekend to arrive. You can find here this week’s new selection of articles, blogs pictures and videos which will give you a great sendoff into the weekend.

Sweden (English)
Talk to Strangers!
If you want to kill some time, this is a great way to do it. There is absolutely no useful application for the service, but it guarantees a laugh!

Norway (Norwegian)
Kunsten a koke et egg
Boiling an egg, especially around Easter, is a tricky and difficult process. Some, such as the Norwegians, seem obsessed with the perfect boil. If you need to know how long it takes to boil an egg, all the information (and we do mean ALL), can be found here.

Italy (English)
Italians Jokes
Here is a selection of very funny jokes about Italians written by Italians themselves, with translations into English.

India (English)
Amusing Stories Behind the 12 Words of Indian Origin That Made It to the Oxford Dictionary
An interesting article explaining how some words, now of common usage in English, came from Indian roots.

Poland (Polish)
10 reasons why learning English pays off
A very illustrative way to promote learning English. It might be a difficult language but knowing it may sometimes turn out to be life-saving.

Japan (Japanese)

Vegetarian men (草食系男子) in Japan

The young Japanese men are dramatically changing. They wear make-up, do not drink alcohol or eat meat. They do not have a strong desire to have girlfriends or sex either. Yet they are very happy with who they are. The species are called “Vegetarian men” (草食系男子/そうしょくけいだんし) Respectively Japanese women have a hard time to deal with the change. Women in Japan are trying to change themselves to meat-lovers to keep balance in the society??
Keywords: 若者(わかもの)、日本人男性(にほんじんだんせい)

Romania (Romanian)
*Românii sunt oameni veseli*
Can you say that all well-paid people are happy, while all poor people are always worried and sad?! This article challenges some of the major stereotypes related to Romanians, while explaining how this can affect local advertising.

Brazil (English)

Facebook is not widely known in Brazil (Brazilians prefer Orkut), but this may be interesting and somehow funny for all the facebook fans out there.
A Facebook fan created this video about the things we all know and that he hates (or not) about the social network Facebook. Enjoy.

Venezuela (Spanish)
Burger King retira campaña antimexicana
Burger King will discontinue ad campaign due to complaints of the Mexican government that considered the ad was demeaning to its people.

New Zealand (English)
Australia losing its BBQ lifestyle
As the norhern hemisphere moves into summer and starts to think about getting outside and enjoying the sunny days and the long evenings, some Australians are worried about the future of its BBQ culture… could this be the end of “throwing another shrimp on the barbie”?…

France (French)
TINTIN : 3 films par Spielberg et Jackson
In 2009 Steven Spielberg should start releasing the new Tintin trilogy. Many secrets are kept but again it should be another great success for the man, and even more as he will collaborate with Peter Jackson. When two great movie producers meet!

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