Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 61

It’s Friday again, and you know how it works: here are our interesting links of the week! Enjoy! And remember, if you stumble upon something interesting or have any suggestions send them to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

Internet Killed the Video Star (English)
Animated music parody.

Timotei Styling Mousse For Lion (English)
Having a bad hair day? Follow this lion’s example and make the best out of it!

The Italian Accent (English)
How Italians speak English abroad!

Axis of Evil Comedy – Ahmed Ahmed – Airports (English)
A stand up comedy on Arabs and airport security!

The 10 Worst Jobs in Science (English)
Be grateful, dear reader, that someone else does the hard, dangerous and downright grody work involved in truly audacious science!

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