Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 7

Easter is far away now and we’re back to the normal 5 working days a week! Did you think this week was long too? Well, good news, here is Friday again. And for those of you who work during weekends; well, weekends remain weekends and Fridays too! Just have a look at this week’s Thank God It’s Friday Selections. You might not all associate it with “Weekend soon!”, but at least, with this new selection of articles, blogs pictures and videos, you will get a great sendoff into the weekend.

India (English)
Ever tried to play music at a party only to realise that your favourite song plays at an annoyingly soft volume? No worries, Vloud just makes any song louder. Simpler than audio editing softwares!

Romania (Romanian)

Few people actually know something about this country, be it from a direct or indirect experience. If you’re Romanian, this video is probably one of the (not so many) things that make you feel proud about your nationality. If you’re not Romanian, you might still want to find out which are the reasons why “a world without Romania” would be poorer, in so many ways. Just take a look!

Japan (English and Japanese)
Yoshi’s tragedy in USA
This tragedy happened in USA. An American pulled a trigger to Yoshi because he did not understand the meaning of “freeze!” This should never happen again! We must see exactly what happened to him and learn what we can do, still mourning his death.

Venezuela (Spanish)
La web del futuro
With the WWW2009 Congress as a background, Tim Berners and Vinton Cerf express their opinion on the future of the World Wide Web.

Italy (Italian)
Quanto sono strani questi tedeschi!
Italian truisms, clichés and prejudices regarding German people

Poland (Polish)
Czy język polski się obroni?
An interesting interview with a linguist about the Polish language and how it defends itself against the ‘invasion’ of English words, how it evolves, changes and what the future holds for it.

Sweden (Swedish)
Enter what back taxes you owe or just read what others are having to put up with. Nothing like living in the country with the second highest tax rate in the world, after Denmark. (The current and slightly-less-socialist government actually lowered taxes. Not enough to change discretionary income for anybody, but enough to kick Sweden off first place on the I-live-in-a-country-where-I-pay-outrageous-taxes list)

Brazil (Portuguese)
Assassinando o inglês
Like everywhere else in the world, in Brazil people are learning English. For some of the Brazilians, however, it probably seems easier to pretend you know English than to really learn the language.
This website shows pictures of some establishments with very wrong “English” names or products. Check if you can recognize what it was supposed to mean….

France (French)
Qui sont les enfants les plus heureux d’Europe?
Want to make sure your children are happy? Have a look at this study. It tells you if children are happy in your own country. And if not, well , you will know which European country to move to!

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