Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 8

Well, I know, last week we had a TGIT selection instead of the weekly TGIF so long awaited selection. But today it’s Friday and we are almost (it’s bank holiday again in France) all working. What does it mean? Well, that after 5 days of hard work, we deserve a nice break and that weekend is about to arrive pretty soon! Have a look at this week’s TGIF selection of new articles, blogs, pictures and videos. It might give you a great sendoff into the weekend or at least make you smile.

Romania (English)
I love Romania
Here you can find some breath-taking pictures of the Romanian Mountains, just have a look!

Brazil (English)
Akinator, the Web Genius
At first sight the website might seem useless. Well it actually is. But you can have some fun anyway with the Akinator trying to read your mind.
Think of a famous person/character and answer to his questions! Let´s see if he can guess it right. He did for me…

Japan (Japanese)
Ranking of typical Japanese behaviors in overseas
Japan has a long vacation from end of April to beginning of May, which is called Golden week. A lot of Japanese usually spend time in overseas. This article shows the ranking of typical Japanese behaviors in overseas. No.1 behavior is “to follow the exact course of guide book”. Why not?

Italy (English)
Today the TGIF Selection is a video selection! I hope it makes you smile!

And if you fancy some more, just click on this link!

New Zealand (English)
50 Strange Buildings of the World
This architecture blog post is a cool tour of some of the worlds coolest, weirdest, downright CRAZY buildings! Getting around the world to see all these buildings would make for a great travel itinerary!

Sweden (Swedish)
FJÖLA – Recept på onyttig mat
This is a website dedicated to REAL food. No organics; nothing healthy; no whole-grain-BS! This is where you find all the goodness like steak-and-cheese, fries, cheez doodles, coca-cola, ben&jerries …and so much more!

France (English or French)
Government officials say “Smoke more or face a fine”
This incredible article just tells how in China, a local government sent a message to all the public services. The message is clear: Smoking is now part of your work! Just read this article to understand why this happens while in any other country, governments are fighting against tobacco.

Venezuela (Spanish)
Confucio fue quien inventó la confusión”, respondió una aspirante a Miss Panamá
During Miss Panama 2009 pageant, a contestant expresses that Confucius was the guy who invented confusion.

India (English)
It’s not always easy to win an argument. It’s even harder getting a mutual friend to take sides (especially your side). This wacky website lets you air your argument online, while people of the world vote, and well, take sides! It’s worth a look for the laughs you’re guaranteed from it.

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