Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 9

Yes, it’s Friday again! Which means the end of the working week and the weekend is about to arrive pretty soon. And this time, I guess we all, or most of all at least (No bank holiday for French people this time), had to work 5 days this week. Well, this also means a brand new TGIF selection. You can find here a great mix of articles, blogs, pictures and videos of what we found funny, or simply interesting on the Internet. It might give you a great sendoff into the weekend or at least make you smile.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Os Verdadeiros Contos De Fada
Here you can read some of the real story behind the fairy tales. Not everything is as nice as it looks: back in the origins some of the fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White have some ugly stories – and not all of them have a happy ending.

Italy (English)
Silvio Berlusconi: An Italian Mirror
What does the international press think about Berlusconi??
To be fair, foreign media sometimes exaggerate the incidents. Calling out to the American President in front of Queen Elizabeth II, after the official photo op at the G-20 in London (“Mr. Obamaaa! I’m Mr. Berlusconi!”) was a lovely Borat moment — harmless, and quite funny.

Venezuela (English)
Pentagon’s Facebook, Twitter Accounts Used To Seek Young Recruits, Spread Message
The Pentagon is relying on Facebook and Twitter to reach future soldiers and to spread the word about the Army’s accomplishments.

Japan (English with Japanese subtitles)
Racial issues are such sensitive to talk about. It depends on how one says or expresses. But the way describing Asians in the comedy show is
big ok and makes you so laugh. You can sing the song with them “He is an average Asian”

Romania (Romanian)
Cartea Nunții
Nowadays few couples actually decide to get married in a traditional Romanian way. This is how it looks like!

New Zealand (English)
Berlin Wall still selling, but commoditised
This year is the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Meet the man who now “owns” a lot of this divisive icon and how he is cashing in on it. What do you think about being able to buy a tiny piece of the Berlin Wall to take back home with you after your German holiday is over?

India (English)
“Subtitle movies…”
Bollywood movies are infamous for the badly translated – and unintentionally hilarious – subtitles. Here you can pick a movie scene and add subtitles of your own, with funny consequences!

France (Franglais – Mixture of French and English)
La Petite Lesson En Francais
Have you ever been annoyed by people mixing up languages like French with English. Well, here you can have an overview of what this sounds like and if you want to practice, this site gives you specific lessons. And well, because I think the One best example of the use of Franglais is Jean-Claude Vandamme, have a look at this video:

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