Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 242

Hey Friday! How have you been? We’ve been missing you, thanks for asking! Well, now that you’re here, how about watching those videos we’ve all been waiting for?

If you want to send us a funny, musical or interesting link and see it published in our selection, send it to us at lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

History of English (English) – Learn where the English language came from in a very comic way

Vytautas Mineral Water! It’s Earth’s Juice! (English) – How not buying it right away?

Funny, weird & cool Japan (Japanese) – Some commercials that properly make Japan keep its fame and image

Kitten Bun Bun’s Funny Reactions to Camera (English) – This is a kitten that barks and walks funny – in other words it is a must-see!

Superior Smörgåscake – Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (English) – Having a badass meal time

That’s all for today! See you next Friday!

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