Lexiophiles TGIF “The musical” No. 240

Hello, readers! Did you enjoy Halloween? If you didn’t see, we clebrated it on the last TGIF Funny videos and TGIF Movie review, chossing classics of this amazing holiday. And once again, we get to another Friday full of music and dance!
On the last TGIF Music we told you that this week’s theme is Flashmobs, so enjoy watching these really random and elaborated coreographies!

And as you already know, if you want to see you favorite videos, you can send it to us at lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

The Big Bondi Beach Flashmob – A very summery and funny flashmob with a lot of Disco! (English)

The Zain Flashmob – This is the very first flashmob ever done in Kuwait. (Arabic)

Кавказский Флешмоб (Caucasian Flashmob) – Straight from Tbilisi, Georgia! A flashmob with a lot of dancing and traditional Georgian Music (Georgian)

Surprise Wedding Reception – The Improv Everywhere group does these awesome and very random flashmobs with the help of people! Check out their YouTube Channel! (English)

Here comes the sun Flashmob – In the peak of the Spanish financial crisis, this is what some hopeful people found in the Madrid Unemployment Office. (English with Spanish subtitles)

Bonus! Pitch Perfect Trailer – a movie only with acappella songs (English)

Yes! Acappellas! Send us your suggestions for these amazing songs done completely with sounds of mouths! That’s next TGIF Musical’s theme! So stay tuned and have an awesome weekend!

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