Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 199


Six men, a raft and the Pacific Ocean

Have you ever dreamed about life as an explorer? In that case this stunning dramatization of Thor Heyerdahl and his Kon-Tiki expedition of 1947 is a must-see!

It all starts when Heyerdahl studies the ancient people of South America and Polynesia. He believes there is a link between the two. Heyerdahl is convinced that the original inhabitants of the Easter Island are migrants from South America, and he wants to prove it. To convince he wants to travel 4,300 nautical miles, across the Pacific Ocean, on a balsa raft. The experimental ethnographer and his crew construct a raft using original techniques from the pre-Columbian times; load it with food, a radio and a parrot. When setting sails from Peru, all they have is hope and trust in Heyerdahl’s theory; that the wind will take them to Polynesia.

The adventure takes you out on the open sea and into the horizon. The scenery is beautiful while the story hypnotizes you. Six eccentric personalities “frolicking” on 10 m³ while nature fight against them and early human engineering and is both engaging and humorous. 101 days pass in seconds despite of the patient features of the movie. Directors Rønning and Sandberg are geniuses!

Not convinced? Here are three more reasons to see the Kon-Tiki:
• In January 2013, Kon-Tiki was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Film.
• Jakob Oftebro, (screened as Torstein Raaby), is Norways sexiest man according to Norwegian ELLE
• The movie contains sharks and topless men with beards

Wiki-wiki for more Kon-Tiki-Tiki, and enjoy the movie!

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