Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 205

Hey guys! So, it´s finally Friday again (yay!). Since I´m not really in the mood of going out tonight, I thought it would be cool to suggest the movie I´m planning on watching later.

“French Kiss” is a 1995 film starred by Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Kevin Kline and Jean Reno. As the title suggests, “French Kiss” is a chick-flick; so most guys will probably have to be tricked into watching it ^^ But don´t let this fool you! It´s actually a very good movie. I especially recommend it if you´re interested in hearing a few songs and conversations in French without stressing over not understanding anything because of the never-ending new vocabulary.

The story starts in Canada, where Kate (Meg Ryan) and Charlie (Timothy Hutton) are just about to seal the deal (get married). The two are supposed to fly to Paris where Charlie would attend a medical conference, but Kate (a history teacher) decides to stay behind because of her fear of flying. Once in Paris, Charlie falls in love with the lovely Juliette (Suzan Anbeh) and breaks the engagement. Kate decides to go after him despite her fear of flying and takes the first available flight to Paris. During the flight she meets Luke Teyssier (Kevin Kline), a man who she seems to have nothing in common with and yet of whom she soon becomes very fond of.


Do you know any other cool chick-flicks in your language? Tell us about it!

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