Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 208

ROMANZO CRIMINALE by Michele Placido (2005)

The film I´m presenting today is a thriller that will show you the unknown side of Italian history.
Criminal Novel is a movie based on a novel by Gian Carlo De Cataldo (2002).

The writer describes the events and the history of the Magliana’s gang. This organization operated from the 70s for twenty years as a criminal group linked to Cosa Nostra, Camorra and Mafia. Some records also say that they were connected to statal institutions such as the P2 Loggia, the Secret Services and the Vatican.

The film takes place during the 70s and the 80s, in Italy. In fact, the gang is pointed for episodes from the kidnapping and assassinating Aldo Moro (39th Prime Minister of Italian Republic), to the carnage of Bologna’s Station and various clandestine associations, prostitution and terrorism.

The movie starts with tragedy and confusion: four boys steal a car and, after driving over a policeman, they drive away. At this point, they decide to give themselves nicknames to define their personality and ambitions. And so, the Magliana’s gang is born. The gang begins to operate in the roman district of Magliana and expands to all the city area, under the “command” of “Libano”, “Freddo” and “Dandi”.

The boys grow up and Libano picks up Freddo from the prison. Here the Libano makes a proposal: to kidnap a baron from Rome, getting a ransom and splitting the profits among themselves.

But, something unplanned happens. The hostage is killed and the ransom arrives anyway and the gang decides not to stop, it’s not enough. They want to conquer the Eternal City and, with the help of Zio Carlo’s (one of Cosa Nostra’s boss), they do so. Through drug dealing, prostitution and massacres, they achieve their goals, marking Italy forever. Nobody is able to find the brain behind the crime.

In parallel, the viewer realizes that the institution and the massacres are linked, but the only one who is directly concerned about this is Detective Scajola, who investigates and follows the events for more than twenty years, always being obstructed by his superiors.

This is not a “light movie”: once you have seen it, it leaves a sense of incredulity. My only hope is that you will not be traumatized by it :p

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