Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 211

Hello everyone! At last, Friday is finally here! I hope everyone’s excited for the weekend! But then again, who wouldn’t? 😛
Anyway, for today’s TGIFilm selection, I would like to recommend you to watch an Indonesian movie called “Laskar Pelangi” (in English: “The Rainbow Troops”)

The movie is based on a novel, written by Andrea Hirata. The movie itself is based on the author’s real life story. Situated in the 1970s, it tells an inspirational story about 10 elementary students and their two teachers in their courageous attempt to reach their hopes and dreams despite poverty issues that surrounded the tin mining area in Belitung Island, where they reside.

The story of the movie begins at an elementary school called “SD Muhammadiyah”, who found difficulties in getting a sufficient number of students in order to have the school to remain operating- ten students was the minimum number for the school to remain open for the children who are keen to go to school. Fortunately, a child with learning disability enrolled himself in the school, and gave the school the opportunity to remain operating.

Not to mention the difficulties that the school has to face, such minimum learning facilities provided, inadequate school buildings and so forth, the students still maintain a high spirit to study and to reach their dreams. Along with its phenomenal teachers, the students could prove that they could also succeed despite of such minimum supports that they have.

The movie was definitely an eye-opener, in a very good way, for its audience. It taught the audience not to give up easily in life and to always keep motivated in reaching a better future. The movie also will let the audience to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Belitung Island. So, I highly recommend you to watch this movie to keep you motivated and inspired in pursuing a better future 🙂

The movie trailer with English subtitles:

Wishing all of you to have a great weekend, with full of inspiration! Cheers 🙂

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