Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 220

Good morning! It’s Friday! We made it! Finally the weekend is coming up and the countdown is at its end! No better way to celebrate it than watching nice videos and movies!

Let me introduce you « J’irai dormir chez vous » (“Staying Overnight”) which is a series of French travel documentaries.

Antoine de Maximy, a famous French globe-trotter, visits countries all around the world by himself. He is equipped only with two cameras: one on his shoulder and another one on the strip of his backpack. Thanks to his gadgets, he makes us be part of his experiences. His main goal is to discover the way of living and customs in the visited country by meeting local people and try to invite himself to people’s homes. Consequently, this gives us a fascinating point of view about the country he goes to, catching some wonderful and unique moments of the daily lives of the native people.

Here is a film clip from his travel to Japan. Usually Japanese people don’t let strangers come into their house so it was really difficult for Antoine to find a place to stay but surprisingly he managed to share a meal with Japanese farmers and sleep over there.

In this video, he is trying to make them say the French car brand “Peugeot”:

Thanks to this way of travelling, we discover the deep culture and values of each country. Willing to go through human interactions and relationships, Antoine approaches people’s feelings in order to display the true meaning of hospitality and the numerous cultural approaches from different countries towards foreigners.

You will find most of his journeys on YouTube.

My favorite ones were his travels to Cuba, Japan, China and Hawaii.

What about you? Would you open your door to this funny man with his two cameras on his body?

HaguardDuNord Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Have a wonderful weekend!

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