Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 223

So Friday welcomes you with a new opportunity to use your free time profitably and watch a great film! Today I am going to talk about the British film “Four feathers”.

I was fascinated by the story of this young man who struggled through a multitude of difficulties, for the sake of proving wrong what his loved ones had thought on his account.

Harry Faversham, joined the British Army really young and was soon promoted as officer after his graduation.
Right after celebrating his engagement to the young Ethne, Harry’s regiment receives orders to dispatch to Sudan rescuing the British General Charles “Chinese” Gordon, who was put under siege by the Islamic troops.

The unexpected upcoming departure provoked in Harry a bad feeling, mostly dominated by ethical reservations which ended up preventing him to leave off to Sudan, and resign his commission.

His two friends, father and fiancé got really shocked from Harry’s decision and expressed the disapproval of such action by giving him four white feathers, and each of those stood for the feeling that people was having towards Harry. They hence judged him as coward.

The young officer couldn’t really stand the insult and the fact of being isolated in England alone, apart from his companions, so – recalling to his real nature as loyal and brave – made him recover the lost esteem of his beloved ones, and to actually provide aid to the British troops which were in great risk. As he finds out about his mates being assaulted by the Mahdis, he immediately leaves off to Sudan, and disguised as an Arab, he finds the regiment in order to give notice of an imminent attack.

The plot unfolds through moments of romanticism as well as stunning battle scenes, all of them set between England and the Desert of Sudan. The film director Alexander Korda, inspired by the “The Four Feathers” novel by A.E.W. Mason, provides a reliable and spectacular representation of the plot, by combining real facts of history – such as the Battle of Omdurman -with a romantic sub-plot which depicts the engagement between Harry and Ethne, who will have to re-do the engagement once more, after that the temporary affair between Ethne and Jack, Harry’s best-friend, was finally concluded upon Harry’s triumphant return from Sudan.

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