Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 229

So it is finally Friday! Starting off the weekend with a movie is something mostly desired for me, especially if it is in the horror category, which I hope is the same for you guys too!

Let me suggest my favorite movie to you, a movie I watched many times and which makes me feel like my brain is discharged thanks to its cool special effects! I am talking about Van Helsing. It is a 2004 film starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh and David Wenham.

Our hero, Van Helsing, had a duty that he could not refuse due to a curse in his past that he can not remember. Van Helsing who works for a secret organization in Vatican hunts the evil creators. Since his great deeds for humanity are not appreciated, he is seen as a killer.

Van Helsing, who is sent to Transylvania to extinguish an immortal vampire, Count Dracula, witnesses the fact that the area is seized by the atmosphere of fear generated by Dracula.

When he meets Anna Valerious, the last surviving member of the gypsy Valerious family who are the fiercest enemy of Dracula, they decide to join their forces against a common enemy when he learns the young woman hunter wants to hunt down Dracula to avenge her family.

To achieve their objectives, the two hunters will need to overcome Dracula and his scary creatures of the evil empire, the Werewolf and his evil brides (actually they are beautiful when they are in human form).

Director Stephen Sommers, who also wrote the screenplay, brought together in one movie the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing who was created by Bram Stoker and the foremost monsters of the horror literature.

Do you know any other cool horror movies in your language? Tell us about it!

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