Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 238 – Halloween Special

Next week is Halloween and you don’t know yet which movie to pick? Well, thank God it’s Friday and we have a wonderful vintage horror movie for you. So grab a big mug of coffee because after watching it you definitely don’t want to fall asleep ever again!

Halloween and horror movies belong together like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce or Srubs’ Turk and J.D. So for this Halloween we decided to pick a 1980’s horror classic which teaches you the shivers with tradition, a screaming Johnny Depp and tons of really fake looking blood.

In “A Nightmare in Elm Street” the teenager Nancy is recently having terrifying nightmares about a creepy person with burned skin and a glove with razor-sharp “finger knives” who haunts her every night until exhaustion. When she finds out that all of her friends are having the same nightmares, the situation starts to become more and more intense. Nancy awakes with scratch wounds on her body and her best friend Tina even dies violently while asleep. She realizes that she has to find a way to stop this creature or never ever sleep again…

This movie is definitely a “must-see” and even if you are not such a huge fan of horror movies – the young Johnny Depp in his film debut is really worth a shot!


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