Lexiophiles TGIFilm Selection No. 241

A very good day to you, little TGIF monsters!

Ready for today’s movie? TGIF and TG we have a very amusing selection for you.

Draw your popcorn-loaded guns and plunge in a barrel of soda for this Friday you will have a closer look into Italian mafia, brought to New York in a very unusual and hilarious way. May I present you one of my favorite comic films: “La Leggenda di Al, John & Jack” (The legend of Al, John & Jack), an Italian movie, released in 2002, starring the three most famous Italian comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo.

The movie begins with a drive-in scene and the three Italian gangsters spying on their boss, when Al has an accident that will cost him big: every time he falls asleep, when he wakes up he does not remember a thing, not even his name. The whole plot turns around John and Jack trying to make him remember who he is as soon as possible without making him fall asleep, because their lives depend on him. Following Jack’s story, we discover that the three were very good friends and three careless gangsters, occasionally hired by their boss (Genovese) to carry out some dirty jobs and somehow never succeeded in pleasing him. One day, fed up of their failures, Genovese decided to give them one last chance to prove they could work for him: they had to take care of his old aunt who was coming to town for the weekend. The three rushed to the station to pick the old lady up, but Jack accidentally shot her in the head, killing every chance they had at survival. They were then forced to flee for their lives and hide while figuring out how to make up for their terrible mistake. This takes us back to the drive-in scene: while the three gangsters were spying on their boss, one of Genovese’s enemies that he was about to kill, miraculously saved his life and he decided to return the favor by not killing him. Taking inspiration from such an event, the three were just about to come up with a brilliant plan, when Al got injured. Are Jack’s stories actually true? As soon as Al knows all the story he immediately agrees on helping his friends. Pity that, when preparing for his mission, he will discover something shocking that will puzzle him and may be fatal for their attempt at living…
I can assure you this is an amusing way of spending a Friday evening and a chance to listen to some genuine Sicilian accent. For those who are not Italian literate, the movie also comes with English subtitles.

Enjoy, and if you don’t… well, you’d better start running!

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