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Well, are you wondering if we made a mistake or if you might have missed one day in the week? Don’t worry, it’s not a mistake and it’s not an illusion either. This week, and only this week, we replace the Thank God It’s Friday selection with the Thank God It’s Thursday selection. Why? Well, because for some of us, Friday is the “Labour Day”, but is most importantly a bank holiday. And even if you work on Friday, don’t be too jealous and have a look at this week’s TGIT selection of articles, blogs pictures and videos. It might not give you a great sendoff into the weekend straight away, but will at least get your mind out of work.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Saudade é a 7ª palavra mais difícil de traduzir
This article lists the 10 most difficult words to translate, according to a research among professional translators. The only Portuguese word on the list, ‘saudade’, is the 7th on the ranking, and has been subject for discussion for many years. The exact translation is still hard to find in most of the languages.

Japan (Japanese with English subtitles)
This is how Sushi should be eaten! Always! Just watch this video, it will make you laugh so hard. But please don’t take it too seriously!

Italy (Italian)
Modi di dire…
Some funny common speaking mistakes that Italian people make.

Poland (English)
Poland + Weekend breaks
Still don’t know what to do during the long weekends? Why don’t you board a plane and discover one of Poland’s beautiful cities? Here are some useful tips, information and reports by ones who have already done that…

Venezuela (English)
Bullet Bounces off US Woman’s Bra
In Detroit, a woman survived the shot of a gun thanks to the wiring of her bra.

India (English)
If you ever stand at your kitchen counter staring glassily at the mess of ingredients in front of you, then this website should be of help. You just enter all the ingredients you have at hand, and Supercook will tell you what you can cook using just those materials!

Romania (English)
Medieval Tours
If you are an alternative tourist and you would like to choose a different destination for this summer, have a look on this website. That world, which seems torn from grandma’s pictures, is closer and more real than you might think.

France (English)
This video should not be taken seriously at all! But listen to it, I still wonder where people find such ideas!

Sweden (Swedish)
Where does the Internet end? What is that mystical place like? Is it like falling of an edge, and then nothing but falling forever? Or is there just a sign saying that you’ve run out of Internets?

New Zealand (English)
Steve Don’t Eat it…
Well-written blog from a man who eats all the things you would never dream of eating yourself, and then describes them in detail. It’s disgusting, but hilarious and strangely addictive at the same time…

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