Light festival Ghent: the place where magic happens

♦ Lights ♦

Every year the city of Ghent in Belgium organizes the beautiful light festival: a fairy-tale event where light is the center of everything. There are projectors everywhere ready to transform the buildings into amazing and colorful castles. It’s the perfect moment to go out and have a wonderful evening with your friends or the perfect time to finally ask that one person out. There is even a bridge for couples or friends to hang glow sticks on. In that way, the bridge gets thousands of different colors in the name of love and friendship.

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Furthermore, there are stories connected to the location you’re in. These are depicted through light projections on buildings, light sculptures or projects made by students. In other words, the festival takes you on a stunning route through the prettiest spots in Ghent.

Lastly, there is also the possibility to enjoy this festival from the water itself. There are routes especially made for this festival which take you on a special tour through the city and which will give you a memory to never forget.

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♦ Culture ♦

Ghent is a cultural city that has a lot to offer and with this light festival, it wants to make even more people enthusiastic to go and discover this lively city. It’s a place where everyone immediately feels at home and everyone is always friendly to one another. Besides this, there are hundreds of cozy taverns and pubs where you can eat a nice hot meal or have a drink until the early hours of the day. It’s a city that is always alive: a city that never gets boring.

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