Ghent festivities: the cultural folk fest

Today I’d like to take you to one of my favorite cities that holds the best festivals ever: Ghent. If you love exploring different cultures, going out with friends and meeting new ones, then you should definitely go to this festival.

This culture festival is one of the biggest of Europe and will be held over the whole city of Ghent, with hundreds of activities like culture dances, walks through the city of Ghent, endless amounts of concert stages, a selection of worldwide kitchens to choose from, stand up comedians, a circus, a variety of markets and many more! This festival is a perfect way to get in touch with the city of Ghent and the different cultures it supports. If you’re not sold yet, make sure to definitely read these five reasons why you should absolutely visit the Ghent festivities:

♦ Learn old folk dances by joining the free initiations in the beautifulNL_Ghent2_Intext1 Baudelohof.

♦ Go and explore the city and learn its history by joining special city activities like theater, tours or walks visiting the most attractive parts of Ghent.

♦ Never ate African food? What about Mexican? Italian? Spanish? Asian? Real Ghent dishes? You can find all these at the stalls on the streets in between activities.

♦ Are you a real music lover? You can get lost in all the different kinds of open air concerts you can attend for free: during the evening, there are even over five concerts being held at the same time!

♦ Do you want to do more cultural activities? Take the time machine and go to back to the ball from the year 1900 where everyone can relive the old times in costume, couple dancing, a gigantic buffet of amazingly decorated cupcakes and the snorting of cacao powder (yes, that was a thing then). Sold yet?

The festivities last 10 days, this year they start at the 17th July until the 26th of July. For more information, take a look here or check out the last year’s page while we wait for more information on this year’s festivities.



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