Li(n)keable 23 November

It’s the start of the week and we have found some great links to articles about all things language related. Have a look, you know you want to! See you next week for some more interesting articles.

25 tips for language learning

The language learning blog focuses on how to keep the fun in language learning. Check out this article with helpful tips on how to learn languages.

Less body in your lexicon?

The language log was started by Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum, it also has many other regular bloggers. We liked this article about the use of somebody vs. someone.

Oxford Word of the Year: Unfriend

The English blog is written by Jeffrey Hill who is a teacher in the English Department at the Normandy Business School in Le Havre, France. The blog contains internet resources, reviews and tips for learners and teachers of English. Take a look at this article about the Oxford word of the year.

How awesome is awesome?

Sentence first is a blog about the English language written by Stan Carey. He discusses the usage of English, writing styles, literature, history, and quirks of the language. This article about the word awesome is…. awesome!

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