Li(n)keable 30 November

We have some more cool links about language and culture for you below. Click on the titles to read the articles.

Hell bent for leather

The Word Detective is the online version of a newspaper column answering reader’s questions about languages and words. It is written by Evan Morris. This post about the origins of the phrase hell bent for leather is a fun and interesting read.

On singing accents

DC Blog is written by Professor David Crystal and explores many aspects of the English language. We loved this post about how regional accents often disappear in songs.

The “Indo-European Family”

Confessions of a Language Addict, is written by Geoffrey Barto, an American student of language and literature. This article about the Indo-European language family is fascinating. Take a look to learn more about the relationship between languages.

How does our language shape the way we think?

This is written by Lera Boroditsky who is an assistant professor of psychology, neuroscience, and symbolic systems at Stanford University. She examines how the languages we speak shape the way we think.


Arnold Zwicky’s blog is about language related topics. This article is about the increase of the use of the words “housemade” rather than “homemade” in America.

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