Li(n)keable 7 December

It’s the time of the week when we share all the cool language related articles we found on the web with you. Come back next Monday for some more great reads!

Ampliando o Vocabulário: BAG

The English Experts is a blog which was started by Alessandro Brandão. It is a guide for people who want to learn English by themselves. Many English language professionals write articles for the blog. We liked this post about the word “bag”. It compares how the word is used in Brazil and Portugal.

Budgeting for Study Abroad

The study abroad blog is full of useful information and tips for studying abroad. There are any articles about studying in certain regions. We like this article about budgeting for study abroad, because that can often be one of the more difficult aspects.

Global Understanding Vs. Individual Words

The language geek is written by Josh who is a student and language lover. He started the blog in order to help himself and others learn languages. This article about global understanding vs. individual words is a good read.

French: Gauche ou droite?

The 37 languages blog is a project by Keith Brooks. He decided to embark on a process of reviewing 37 languages in order to find the one perfect for him. We enjoyed this article about French.

Homework revolt in Canada

The Linguist on Language by Steve Kaufmann, is a great blog about all things language related. Homework revolt in Canada raises some interesting questions about the kind of assignments that language students have to complete.

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