Lost In Fashion: 5 Rules To Always Look Fabulous

If you are a bohemian artist, an unconventional fashion blogger, or if you consider appearance something completely irrelevant and superficial, this article is not for you. But if you belong to the 90% of the population which hasn’t got a natural panache, which is still looking for an evergreen style that works for any occasion and that still owns a mirror… you’d better read on!

Being Italian I have heard people pointing out that in Italy people are generally well dressed, that our fashion stylists are among the best in the world and often I have been asked the fatidic question: “How do you do that?”. Well, observing my countrymen and women here I tried to make a basic guideline for all those who are a bit “lost in fashion”.

  1. Shoes. Everything starts from the bottom. Good quality shoes, avoid sneakers with dresses and skirts. Ballerinas, low heel chanel peeptoe, mocassini, low boots. Anything is better than airmax.  And if it’s too hot in summer (trust me, Italians know the sun) and you are stuck in the city only dreaming of the beach, sorry but that’s not a good excuse to wear flip flops. The brightest scientific minds came out with a great invention called sandals. The sound of rubber flip flops in the office is something unbearable. And the sight is even more unbearable for the eye.
  2. Trousers. If your trousers have more than 5 pockets, ask yourself: am I going fishing or heading to a safari? There’s a huge difference between baggy (you look more or less like a sack) and palazzo pants (you look taller and your extra kilos on the hips disappear magically). If your hem ends a couple of centimeters below your knee, there’s probably something wrong. With “Capri style” we mean something else.
  3. Colors. Somebody claims there is not ugly color, just ugly combinations. Kind of true, but I would definitely recommend not wearing fluo on a regular basis. Unless you are a highlighter pen or, if it’s fluo pink, Barbie. Mixing two colors that look almost the same but that are not exactly the same shade is a NO. Generally, every outfit with more than 3 colors should be a NO. A total black outfit with one colorful piece of jewelry or a colorful scarf might stand out more than a rainbow of colors at once. 
  4. Patterns. Huge colorful flowers, animals, fruit are just a BIG NO. You might look bigger than what you are. Small geometrical patterns with neutral colors are definitely more suitable for any kind of fabric.  If you have doubts, go for plain.
  5. The Golden Rule: know yourself. In Italy you can find skinny girls, tall girls, short girls, curvy Mediterranean women, and they all look beautiful. Why? Because they choose the right shape for clothes! If you are small, choose high waist for your trousers, if you are curvy, go for dresses that narrow along the waist and are wide at the bottom. Make the best out of your clothes; they should highlight your quality, not your flaws. And smile. Any outfit looks better with a big smile on top. 


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