Love all over the world

Even if you are now well aware that life is not a Disney film and that frogs don’t magically turn into princes, I am sure romance does not leave you completely indifferent. Be it to find Mr. or Mrs. Right or just for a short flirt, time spent abroad is often quite eventful when it comes to emotions! As we realized many of you were interested in learning how to express their feelings in foreign languages (the expression “I love you” is among the most listened-to words in English, German and French dictionaries), we thought we would tell you about some linguistic and cultural facts you should know before you set off on the journey to find the perfect match. Read them carefully, they might save you some embarrassing mistakes 🙂

France – Je t’aime
French is said to be the language of love, Paris the most romantic city in the world and the French are said to be the best lovers (I’ll just let you find out for yourself if this last statement is true or not 😉 ). With all this love going on in France, the best option is probably to go with the flow and just be as romantic as possible. For men, flowers will always make her happy (except yellow ones which mean you’re cheating on her!), and for women, why not buy some French lingerie – I’m sure he will love it!

Spain – Te quiero
Just like the French, the Spanish have a reputation as great lovers. They are also said to be very proud, so be careful before you say something that might sound like criticism! Just relax, enjoy the nice weather and go for tapas and a siesta at the playa with your Spanish sweetheart.

Brazil – Eu te amo
The Brazilians are said to put a great emphasis on physical appearance – especially in Rio, where sports are very important and people are not scared of plastic surgery. So stop lying on your towel on the beach and join that beach volleyball competition! And if you go as far as getting married, you will have to learn the Pagode, which is danced at weddings.

Italy – Ti amo
The Italians’ reputation as seducers has long been established. With an Italian boyfriend / girlfriend, do not be scared of going over the top: candles, a nice dinner, nice wine, roses – it will all be appreciated. Never forget the Italians love their food: if someone cooks for you, never say you are not hungry! And never cut your spaghetti in small pieces, it will drive them mad!!

Germany – Ich liebe dich
First, if you are among those who believe the Germans are smelly and German women do not shave, stop worrying, it is NOT true! However, what is true is that the Germans are quite direct, and they will tell you if they do not like something about you – so do not take offense if you are told you could lose some weight or that you don’t have the perfect haircut!

England – I love you
Unfortunately, the English are not renowned for their love skills – they are considered too lazy. But I’m sure there are exceptions, so never give up! The English also find equality very important, so be prepared to pay your share of the bill.

Of course these are generalizations and are not true for every single person in the countries we have mentioned! If you want to learn more about love in different languages and marriage traditions in other countries, you can also check out our article “A love song in many languages” as well as our topic about marriage.

And we would love to hear your stories and recommendations too, so tell us about your holiday romance 🙂

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