Made in Italy?! Italian food’s perception abroad…

You thought it was typically, originally, fully made in Italy. It was so nice, or so tasty. And what if it’s not made in Italy at all?

Being abroad for a period, I could notice that many times the food they sell, both in supermarkets and in restaurants, is not Italian as they pretended. For example I went to an Italian restaurant or ice cream shop, said something in Italian and heard back something like “I don’t understand” or “I’m not Italian“. Yet, the sign was saying Italian ice cream or restaurant.

In the supermarkets sometimes you can find some “Italian mortadella” or mozzarella, and you can clearly see that it’s not true. At least, if you are Italian.

That’s the point: if you are not Italian, probably you won’t be aware of this. As long as the food they sell is a good quality one, no problem, but if it’s badly Made in Italy is disgraced. A stranger could think “Oh God, how can they eat something like this? I’m not going to try Italian food again” in the worst case.

On the other hand someone could just like this “fake Italian food”, and never try the real one. Nevertheless, this is a problem because when they have the opportunity to taste the original Italian food, it could seem strange to them. In the worst case they won’t even like it.

Besides, in restaurants, the owner pretends to be Italian sometimes, even greeting and thanking in Italian. And what if he’s not? How can a stranger be aware of this?

Do you think the Made in Italy should become an international certified brand, to get a kind of copyright?

Do you think it is fair pretending to be Italian when you are not?

Have you ever tried the original Italian food? Are you sure?


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