Made in Italy: three words for a guarantee

‘Made in Italy’: three words synthesizing a rich ensemble made of one of the best cuisines in the world. ‘Made in Italy’, with its best wines, best clothing design and manufacture, and holding most of the world’s luxurious automotive brands and countless series of pieces of art from all historical ages, is the most popular Italian icon.

Considering its small territory, it may seem quite surprising for Italy to be able to keep up with the expectations of a global audience. Well, if you think of the product’s quality then the output amount could be left slightly aside. As a matter of fact, Italians are masters in the quality versus quantity trade-off, always trying to ensure a high quality level despite the large scale amounts in production.

What I experience when meeting people of different nationalities is the frequent association of the brand to the good food in Italy, amongst which they wouldn’t miss pasta, mozzarella and pizza – a cultural asset that Italians guard zealously.

Such a successful icon couldn’t escape the risk of being compromised. In fact, more than once the authenticity of ‘made in Italy’ was threatened by brands that were typically related to the Italian food industry, but which at the time were labeling products, processed without real Italian ingredients, as products ‘made in Italy’. They ended up turning into scandals, alarming a good pocket of consumers once the media spread the news about such episodes. This has shaped the consumers’ behavior in a more conscious way. For this reason, minding the label and the origin of the ingredients became a rule of thumb for all the aficionados of Italian food. Especially for Italian consumers.

No matter what crises the ‘made in Italy’ has faced through the years and the several attempts in counterfeiting and misusing – the brand still stands on very good ranking in the competition with other countries on a world scale, ensuring to Italians something to be proud of both in making and holding as asset.


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