Magical Turin: the eternal war between Good and Evil

Halloween is fast approaching, folks! While everybody is busy inserting their canines and dusting their broomsticks, I would like to present you with a very nice initiative which has mystery and charm to sell!

It’s named “Magic Turin” and it’s a tour organized all year long by the tour operator “Somewhere”, which leads us on an adventure to go discovering the most magical and mysterious places in the Piedmontese county seat.

Turin has always been very well known as one of the most magical cities in the world, built on the confluence of two rivers, the Po and the Dora, where strong and different energies merge.
Arcane lovers know that around the world different “Points of Power” exist, which all the magical energy from throughout the globe flows into. This belief closely involves foreign cities such as: Jerusalem, Prague, Lyon, London and Athens. But this belief also involves many Italian cities such as Paestum, Assisi and Turin – for the famous convergence of two rivers and/or the presence of religious and magical relics with unique importance.

If we consider that two huge magical factions exist – the white and the black one – Turin turns out to be even more interesting, because its peculiarity is that it belongs both to the famous “triangle of black magic”, together with London and St. Francisco, and to the “triangle of white magic”, with Lyon and Prague, representing a very important strategic point in the eternal war between Good (its center being Piazza Castello) and Evil (its vertex begin Piazza Statuto).

A baffling and intriguing path of “Magic Turin”, which lasts for two hours and a half, is that it takes visitors around the city on a bus, allowing them to pop off at the most important stops in order to get a closer glance at the spots while history and mystery are being narrated by the guide.

The tour starts at 9 p.m. in front of Piazza Statuto 13 doorbell, under the so-called “Devil Portal” and embraces popular points of black magic, such as the famous obelisque placed at the center of the square. The obelisque, according to many believers, marks the city’s alignment on the 45° parallel and its proximity to Nostradamus’s house; the Mole Antonelliana (Turin’s supernatural barycenter) and the fontana Angelica, situated between via Cernaia and via Pietro Micca, built and decorated with references to the millennial Masonic tradition.

On the other hand, places with the highest concentration of white magic are Piazza Castello (where beneficent forces polarise on the monumental gate of Palazzo Reale) which hides the well-known “alchemical caves”, highly frequented by famous alchemists like Paracelso and by members of the House of Savoy itself; the Dome, which has been safeguarding the Turin Shrine for centuries, victim of a series of lucky vicissitudes; the church of Gran Madre di Dio, at which the tour ends and on which staircase you can admire the beauty of the “veiled woman” holding a chalice firmly. According to the legend, if you follow an imaginary line created by her stare you will find out where the Holy Grail is hidden. This way Turin would not only be hiding the world’s most searched and studied shrine, but a league made of the descendents of the Knights Templar, struggling in the darkness to protect the secrecy of its location.

Available in many different languages (English, French, Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish) the tour represents a very nice and innovative way to spend a magical evening, discovering one of the world’s richest cities in terms of history and the arcane.

So what are you waiting for? Turin and its mysteries are waiting for you!


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