Make Air, Not War! – Air Guitar World Championships

Did you know that every year, the city of Oulu in Northern Finland hosts air guitar world championships? The championships, or as the organizers of the event call them, “the ultimate celebration of the invisible instrument”, gather competitors and viewers from all around the world. At this undeniably fun and a little crazy happening, the mission is no less than to promote world peace – so keep your air guitar at the ready!

The participation in the qualifying rounds of the competition is possible for everyone: being an airficionado (air guitar enthusiast) and sending a video clip of one’s air guitar skills to the jury is all that is required. However, only nominated National Champions will eventually go through to compete in the World Final in Oulu, Finland.

If you are wondering how the World Final of Air Guitar actually is, it is as you may already have guessed: in these particular world championships nothing should be taken too seriously. Rather, the words to keep in mind are tongue-in-cheek, funny and kooky! As the competitors take turns in performing the same song, bringing their own flavour and their own instrument to it, you might see styles ranging from 80s glam rocker via half-naked Viking to psychedelic hippie, and everything in between…

At the end of the Final night, the jury decides on the winner: the competitor who is “the airiest of them all”. This year, for instance, the trophy went to the American airficionado Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard, who received a hand-crafted Finnish guitar – a real one, not an air one!

After the winner has been crowned, the song “Rockin’ in the free world” is played, and according to the philosophy of the Air Guitar World Championships, the whole universe is invited to join. After all, if everyone played air guitar, the world would be a more united and peaceful place – so Make Air, Not War! 😉

Check the Air Guitar World Champion 2012, Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard, rocking it:

How about you: have you already tested your air guitar skills? Would YOUR air guitar nickname match up to “Nordic Thunder”?


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