Marriage and other disasters

Half a century ago the average age a girl got married at was around 14-15. That meant that by the time she was 17 she was already a devoted wife, a caring mother and was attending to the good keeping of the household. Now that’s a frightening thought!

Times have changed and so has the age girls usually tie the knot at. A couple of years ago it was still quite a young age, compared to the European average, but nowadays girls seem to be taking their time more and more when it comes to the ‚forever and ever’ part of their dreams.

In Romania, girls usually get married sometime between the age of 22 and 25, whereas boys prefer to wait until they’re at least 26. Usually, there’s a difference of at least two years between the two, frequently more, the husband being older than the wife.

One of the essential changes that has come about in marriage patterns in Romanian society is that couples delay the decision to get married until they are firmly convinced of the stability and solidity of the couple. If you ask me, I hail it as a sign of matureness and responsible thinking.

Another factor worth taking into consideration is that more and more women decide to get a University degree and put significant emphasis on their professional development. Consequently, this tendency leads to a constant procrastination of the ‚d-day’, as other, momentarily more important, priorities have to be attended to.

However, the old-fashioned way of thinking is still deeply rooted in Romanian society and the transition to the modern lifestyle and its subsequent conventions are still mokingly looked down upon.
What will the future bring? I think that only wedding bells can answer that question. Any translators around?

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