Memories from melodies♫♫

We all know how greatly music impacts our lives and feelings. Without even thinking about it, we use music to interpret our feelings, lift up our souls and enhance our memorization. Music makes education more engaging and enjoyable for learners, this is also why our favourite songs and rhythms trigger our memory in various ways. When learners use music as a tool in education, they would retain that information quicker and it is easily ingrained in their memories.
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The same goes with Linguistics, trying to memorize the vocabularies, the meanings and the pronunciations at hand is difficult for all language learners. Why not use music, your stress reduction method as a way to effectively study languages? This approach proved to be a very good way to improve your study guaranteed by John Hopkins University. Looking back at my early primary school years, I remembered it seemingly that trying to memorize English vocabularies was like being stuck between the rocks. Fortunately, when I was in third grade, my sister bought an album from a Canadian singer “Avril Lavigne”. That is when I finally figured out the perfect method to practice English. I listened to her song “Complicated” countless times, read the lyrics and found the meanings behind it. Finally, my vocabularies have augmented, my pronunciation has improved, my accent was better. After that, I started to listen to a wider range of English songs, enjoy the world of melodies and find myself with plenty of English words. So, if you are a music lover and love to listen to foreign songs, why not get benefits from it while enjoying it? Search the lyrics online and sing it out loud. You will be surprised of how your language skills drastically improve!
*PS. As I’m Thai and in order to help those Thai learners, I have shared with you a list of Thai singers and bands in many genres to help you broaden your Thai knowledge!
Bossanova: Lula
Disco Funk: Groove Riders
Indie Pop: Scrubb, Armchair
Indie Rock: Lomosonic, Getsunova
Hip-Hop: Thaitanium
Pop: Room 39, P.O.P, Tor Saksit
Rock: Bodyslam, Moderndog


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