Mexican Gestures: part one

After reading the article of my colleague Carlo about Italian culture and hand gestures, I could not help but think of some of the gestures we use in Mexico 🙂 Here is a list of the ones that most attracted the attention of my colleagues:

¡Un momento, por favor! / Un poco: (Etiquette: standard) With your hand closed, place your index finger and thumb facing each other, showing the outside of your hand toward your partner. It will be understood that you will be with them in a few moments. The same gesture is also used to show that something is small or scarce.

¡Apúrate! (Etiquette: familiar): What at first glance appears to be the universal gesture for “money” is actually a sign of urgency. Rub your index and middle finger against your thumb to show that time is short 😉

Pictures by Maria Ryzhikh Model: Alexandra Freeman
Pictures by Maria Ryzhikh
Model: Alexandra Freeman

Dinero: (Etiquette: colloquial) When Mexicans talk about money, they place their hand horizontally, forming a kind of U with the side of the index finger and thumb.

¡Gracias! (Etiquette: Standard): Show the back of your right hand towards your partner to show appreciation. This gesture is often used on the road, between drivers and pedestrians.

Si: (Etiquette: colloquial) If your Mexican partner is showing the inside of his fist, repeatedly flexing his index finger, chances are he is agreeing with you. On the other hand, he could also be threatening you with a tickle attack 🙂

¡No seas codo! / ¡Me duele el codo ! (Etiquette: familiar): Give a couple of soft blows against your hand with your elbow as a sign of pettiness. It can be used either to show that something seems too expensive or simply to refer to someone stingy.

Wait for the sequel of this article to learn more about Mexican hand gestures:) Do you know any other interesting Mexican gestures? Share them with us!


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