Mexican Gestures: Part Two

And so we continue with the list of typical Mexican hand gestures. If you haven’t read the first part of this article, you can have a look at it here.

¡¿Qué onda?! / ¿Qué pasó? (What’s up?) Etiquette: colloquial. With your open palms towards the ceiling, make a slight outward movement and say this phrase. It is a common way to say hello among young people and family when you’re unable to shake hands. This gesture is often paired with a slight nod in the direction of your interlocutor.

Ademanes mexicanos 2

¡Flojo! (Lazy!) Etiquette: familiar. A classic gesture used by fathers and sons equally to express laziness With your palms open towards the ceiling, pump your hand slightly a few times, as if you where holding something heavy in your hand.

¡Te van a pegar! (You’re getting a spanking!) Etiquette: familiar. With a slightly askew, open palm, your Mexican friends are looking at you with a smirk on their face while repeatedly moving their hands sideways. What they mean: someone (probably you) is in trouble :p

¡Uuuuuu! (Etiquette: colloquial) Or said in other words: “that was a long time ago”. With an open palm, place your hand at shoulder-height and “push” it upward as if you where drawing a semicircle.

Ademanes mexicanos 3

¡Ponte la del Puebla! (Etiquette: familiar) If you want your Mexican friend to share something with you, place the outer side of your right hand on your left shoulder and draw a diagonal line until the right side of your waste. For sure he or she will find your knowledge about this very peculiar Mexican hand gesture very amusing 🙂

¿What hand gestures do you use in your country?


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