Money… is it indispensable, very important or just nice to have enough of it? The fact that there are many phrases related to money, says a lot about the importance it has in our society. In English and Dutch there are quite a few phrases about money. With the financial crisis just behind us, it´s nice to look forward to a season where we can spend some money. In this time of year you probably need to buy some warm winter clothes and what to think of all those Christmas presents…? With these phrases you are prepared to describe the financial situation adequately at any time.

That´s not expensive – Dat is geen geld
To be made of money – Bulken van het geld
Money down the drainWeggegooid geld
Money makes the world go round – Alles draait om het geld
I am not made of money – Het geld groeit mij niet op de rug
To have money coming out one´s ears – Geld hebben als water
To look twice at one´s money – Ieder dubbeltje tweemaal omkeren
To make money of… – Geld slaan uit…
Money is no object – Geld speelt geen rol
To make money out of somebody – Iemand geld uit de zak kloppen
Money should circulate – Geld moet rollen
There is nothing wrong with money – Geld stinkt niet
To make pots of money – Geld verdienen als water
To be rolling in money – Zwemmen in het geld
Not have to watch the pennies – Niet op geld kijken
To have money to burn – Stinkend rijk zijn

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