Money, money, money… How do Romanians spend it?

What goes up must come down and what goes in the pocket eventually has to come out, doesn’t it? What do Romanians spend their money on? Do the they give in to temptation and dress according to the latest fashion or keep up with the latest technological descoveries? Well, actually…none of these! They just throw it all out on alcohol, tobacco and recreation. Oh, yes: and household goods.

Judging from the way they spend their money, Romanians seem to be easy-going, fun-loving people. And they are! Just take a look at the innumerable clubs, pubs, bars and cafés present in most Romanian cities. During the weekend it’s almost impossible to try and find a free table somewhere if you foolishly forgot to book one.

We seem to spend most of our money on alcohol and tobacco. Just like the Irish. In fact, they’re top of the list! We just came in second. To a certain extent you could say that we’re the Irish of Eastern Europe…or not?

And who says we’re not sport lovers? We just adopted a new national sport: let’s call it malling. That’s not really a word, but hey, let’s play a bit with the English language. So what does malling involve? Nothing special, you don’t need any particular equipment, you just need to be day in and day out at the mall, with or without friends/family/boyfriend/girlfriend because if you go alone you’re sure to find there someone you know …’purely by chance’..ummm, not!!!

To add power to my words and to convince yourself just take a look at how many malls or shopping centers have been recently opened in Romania. And to make things more interesting, just look at how fast things developed from the initial stage of finding an adequate place for the future mall to the grand opening.

Take a look at the global spending chart (you can find it on the main page)& let me know what you think of it!

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