More than 50 top bloggers offer their tips on learning Mandarin Chinese

If you’ve decided to learn Mandarin Chinese, you’re in good company as it’s becoming an increasingly popular endeavor.

People who undertake learning Mandarin Chinese give many different reasons for doing so.  Some reasons are practical, such as furthering a career, while others are more aesthetic, such as those who simply enjoy the sounds and rhythms of the language.  Just as there are many reasons for learning Mandarin Chinese, there are also many ways to approach it.  Some people like the structure of attending a class, while others like the flexibility of online learning.  Some find one on one tutoring to be an ideal middle ground.

No matter what your reasons are for learning Mandarin Chinese, or how you’re approaching your study, we want to offer you some of the best tips, advice, and resources from top bloggers.  The Infographic from our Chinese learning research is a summary of the most popular recommendations.

Final_Learn_Mandarin_Now_Infographic (1)

Most people review several different options before deciding what are the best ways to learn the language.  If you would like to have plenty of resources to help you learn to speak Chinese more effectively, you can’t go wrong with the tips and advice in the Infographic.  We believe it won’t be long before you are gaining fluency!

Happy learning!

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