Mother’s day: my mommy always said…

Mother’s love is a predominant devotion regardless of species, races or circumstances. Mother’s day in Thailand marks the 12th of August every year; a day to honor the most important person in our lives: the one who gave birth to us, raised us through infancy, taught us how to count and put up with our misdeeds. But as impeccable as these things are, mom gives us more wonderful presents, her words of wisdom, in which she taught us how to be the good person she has always wanted us to be. Here is what my mom has taught me, and I never forget:

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Save for a rainy day; “money can be spent easily but it’s hard to keep it in your pocket” Saving up money regularly is the best way to buy expensive things that are necessary in the future, e.g. car/wedding/holiday or even for longer term like retirement. Using a credit card means using money in advance, which might lead to debt problems in the future.



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 Never take advantage of others and don’t let anyone take advantage of you; taking advantage of others is wrong, there’s no other way to put it. Also, don’t let anyone “get too comfortable” with you and let that be an excuse for you to feel inferior.

Keep it moderate; material things don’t matter, live a simple life, and be happy. Indulging in luxurious items is a short-lived experience and it is not worth the outcome of being in debt due to the things we could barely afford.

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Success always starts with failure; It doesn’t matter if you fall down. The truth is that, at least once in your whole life, you have to fall in order to get up and start again. Learn to have fun, but only after all of your work is done. Work hard and be patient as you won’t see the positive results of the efforts you put in, in the short run.


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Remember your roots When you accomplish something, being proud of it is not a crime, but always keep in mind who you are, where you came from, and where your roots are. Because home is where you go when you run out of other places…

Fun fact: Jasmine is the common symbol of Mother’s day in Thailand as it represents selfless virtue and unconditional love of a mother who gives her life and future for her children.


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