Movie review – Fack ju Göhte (2013)

This movie is not new anymore, in fact the follow-up movie just had premiere in Germany. It is a German movie, and it is a very funny way to learn more German. You can see the official trailer here.

The movie is about a criminal guy, called Zeki Müller. The movie starts with Mr. Müller being released from prison. He was in the prison for stealing money, so that he could pay his debt. While he was in prison, his girlfriend, who is a stripper at a suspect bar, has been hiding the money, and they go together to pick it up. The thing is just, that she buried the money at a construction site, next to a school. It turns out, they were building a new sports hall, and now the money is buried under the sports hall.

Zeki has to get the money to pay his debt, so he tries to think of a plan – and he soon has a plan. He takes a job as a teacher at the school, even though he is not qualified at all. During the day, he “teaches” the worst class in school, and at night, he drills a passage underneath the sports hall in order to find the money.

Time goes by, and one of his colleagues finds out that he is not a teacher and she blackmails him to start educating the children – and he does, his very own way. The passage is detected later on, and the little romance between Zeki Müller and Elisabeth Schnabelstedt seems to end.

The movie is a jumble of jokes, funny personalities and an everyday life, which most young people can relate to. I do not want to write how it all ends – you really need to watch it!


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