Movie Review – Friendship! (2010)

The German movie “Friendship” was directed by Markus Goller and released in 2010. The movie plot starts in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin wall. Two friends, Veit and Tom, decide to go on a trip to San Francisco. Veit always wanted to take a trip to the U.S. to see the “westernmost point of the world.” Tom likes this idea and joins in on the adventurous trip. However, there is one hindering fact about the trip. Their savings are only enough for a one-way ticket to New York. In New York, they start their trip with 55 dollars, a few clothes, and some self-made films. In addition to that, Tom gets to know the real reason why Veit wanted to travel to the United States: he wants to see his father again. Veit´s father fled from the GDR twelve years before and the only sign from him is an annual birthday card to his son. The plan is to wait in front of the post office in San Francisco on Veit´s birthday to meet his father when the father would send the annual birthday card.

The movie takes place in several different locations throughout the U.S. and tells the adventurous story about the two guys traveling from the east to west coast without any money.

This movie is a highlight for everyone who is interested in German history, as it depicts the feelings among the young German people after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and their yearning to experience the world. Furthermore, the movie is about friendship and how good friends can handle both good and bad times. In addition to that, Tom is played by the actor Mathias Schweighöfer, who is very popular among the young people in Germany. The humorous interactions between Veit and Tom will give you 110 minutes of laughter.

Here are some outtakes in advance:

As you can see, the actors are very humorous. This German movie will guarantee you a fun time. I look forward to reading your impressions on this movie in the comments below.


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