Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books.” This quote from ‘‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” perfectly depicts the heartbreaking feeling after you finished watching this movie. It’s the last installment of the Hobbit movies and the prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies.

♦ Time for spoilers ♦

The story itself takes us back to the part where they angered the fearsome dragon Smaug and he is attacking the village of Laketown. Fear and terror struck the people there, but where there’s the need of one, a hero always arises. Bard the Bowman heroically taunts the dragon towards him by shooting arrows and then uses his own son as part of a self-made ballista to give the final blow to the dragon. The intense fear of the son during that moment was reflected in the viewers’ hearts who read the books, knowing that the book ended around this moment with only 20 minutes in a Peter-Jackson-length-type of movie.

We fast forward to the point where the threat of the dragon is gone but Thorin is sick with the greed-inducing ‘dragon-sickness’.  Thorin angers everyone to the point where the village people of Laketown with the support of the elves are knocking on his front door at Erebor. This is where they offer peace in exchange of the Arkenstone Bilbo secretly gave them as a term of negotiation, or war if he didn’t agree. Of course the sick-ridden Thorin chose war. Right at the point where the army of elves would’ve taken over the mountain, protected by only 11 dwarves, an army of dwarves lead by Thorin’s cousin Dáin arrives at the other side of the battlefield. Right at the point of engagement, the Orc army shows up together with the Goblins to join the party and a silent alliance between the elves, dwarves and men is made to counter the Orcs and Goblins.

In the end, Thorin regains his mind and joins the battle. After a long battle they decide to end this, by going straight for Azog and Bolg, the two leaders of the Orc and Goblin armies. This is where the big final battle takes place, between all main characters from the Hobbit movies, ending with the defeat of the orcs.

♦ The final verdict of the movie ♦

Personally, I feel that the movie grasped my fullest attention without getting boring. The acting and visual effects were amazing and I’d watch the movie a second time. I do believe this movie was the worst of the three hobbit movies because there was less focus on the story than usual. It revolved around one big battle for about two thirds of the movie and I missed the adventure aspect a little bit. All in all, it remains one of the greatest movies ever and I’d recommend you to watch it!

Highlight of the movie ♦ Legolas finally runs out of arrows!

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