Moving to Another Country: Challenge Accepted!

Moving to another city can be a huge step in your life, but what if that city is in another country as well and what if they speak a language you don’t know? For many people this is a very huge adjustment and for me it was no different, but luckily I was able to adjust pretty quickly and I would like to give you some tips to make that adjustment as fun as possible!


Immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your new city and country. I did this by searching for activities that I could do in the evening and that really interested me. Through a friend, I found a samba band where I could enjoy and even play their music to my heart’s content and meet a lot of new people! This way you create a snowball effect of more and more people asking you to try new activities.



To learn a new language there is no better way than to completely immerse yourself in that new language. At the start, your ability to communicate will seem a bit rusty and the locals difficult to understand, but from the moment that you hear a particular language on a daily basis, you will be shocked about how fast you pick up new things.

A language also means having the courage to take new challenges: don’t be afraid of making mistakes when learning, because people will help you and correct you when you’re wrong. Furthermore, when learning a language, there is nothing as satisfying as asking the road in that language and actually be understood!

Challenge yourself!

Last but not least, I would like to give you one of the most important tips: challenge yourself to do something new or crazy. It may seem very alluring to do another “How I Met Your Mother”-marathon, but you should know that so many exciting things are happening outside. Take every offer you can get to go outside, put on a bright smile and explore a new world and new things, alone or together with friends!




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