My big fat GRΣΣK experience

It’s been almost one and a half years since I left my second home but Greece and all my memories are still so vivid in me. I remember the very first day I landed at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, it was a super hot late September day and I had absolutely no idea that the best year of my life was ahead of me. Greece, Athens, Erasmus, financial crisis – it’s very difficult to squeeze one year of memories into 400 characters. So, I just tried to collect the things I love the most about Greece.

The islands: being a student in Greece has the huge advantage of owning a transportation card which gives you discount on the ferries. The islands are definitely one of the biggest treasures of the country and attract millions of tourists every year. Santorini is obviously a must-see, it is just simply incredibly beautiful. Although my all time favorite is Paros which is less touristic-more Greek and has a very special atmosphere with its cute white-blue houses. I also love Crete which is the biggest island and has the most amazing beach I have ever been to in my life, called Elafonisi. If you visit any of the Greek islands my advice is to rent a scooter or a quad because there is no better way and bigger fun of discovering the place 🙂

The gyros: Of course! Generally I am a big fan of the Greek cuisine and the pita gyros is the dish I could eat every day and not get bored of it. And as my Greek teacher used to say: it is healthy because it has everything a human body needs: meat, vegetables, potato and bread. I tried the gyros in many other countries but nobody makes it better than the Greeks. The french fries and the tzatziki or mayo just can’t be missed from a pita gyros.

The weather: The weather is just amazing, the sun is shining over Hellas almost every day. There are some relatively cold and rainy days but the rest of the year is perfect. You can enjoy the amazing beaches from April until November!

The frappé: The frappé is foam-covered ice coffee which is extremely popular there. I drunk my morning frappé every day on my way to school and I still believe that there is no better way of starting your day 🙂

The Acropolis: The Acroplis is an ancient citadel in the heart of Athens with the most famous temple on the top, the Parthenon. I love that you can see the Acropolis from almost all over the city and how it emerges from the sea of the white houses reminding all the Greeks of the greatness of their history. And if you want the have an upper view on it, just climb up to the Lycabettus Hill. The view is just indescribable.

So crisis or not crisis, Greece is definitely worth a visit.
Have you ever been there? What did you like the most?


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