My Hamburg Song

If Hamburg were a living breathing person.

I would fall madly, deeply and passionately in love with it.

My four-month stay in Hamburg is the most wonderful experience that has ever happened in my twenty plus year of living in this world. From the people I met to the places I visited, everything has been the most life-changing experience.

I’m not going to lie, when I arrived here I was very anxious. I was worried about a lot of things, starting from where I’m going to live because -at that time- I didn’t have a place to stay to the fact that I hardly speak German. My German is extremely limited to ordering food and just that.

So, naturally, before I came here I did a little research on the internet and what I found was:

  1. In their ‘Under the Iron Sea’ album, Keane wrote a song titled Hamburg Song.
  2. My favorite Beatle, George Harrison, was deported from Hamburg for being under-age.

Not really useful information.

Though, despite everything, I did eventually enjoy my stay here in Hamburg. Once I found a place to settle, I began to explore the city. I met some of the most interesting people, worked with the most diverse mix of colleagues, ate the most delicious food and visited some of the most beautiful places.

IN_My Hamburg Song_intext1

Sadly, my time here in Hamburg is coming to an end.

There are definitely a lot of things I will miss. My friends, the very efficient public transportation Hamburg has to offer, falafels, Otto’s burger…well basically everything.

I will miss everything.

Hamburg has been a great experience that I shall forever cherish.



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