My internship abroad in Hamburg: The end or a new beginning?

NL_Hamburgstuff_nlcoverAt the beginning of 2015, I took the challenge to go abroad for three months. These months, I was able to enjoy an internship at in wonderful Germany, and for this internship, I travelled 621 km and left everything that I was ever used to behind. It was a leap of faith in the dark, but I haven’t ever regretted it one bit.

Moving to another country can be stressful at first – for some people more than others. I personally had no idea how it would be or if I even could adjust to a big city like this, with just one friend, but in the end everything went really well. In two weeks, I’m going back to my beloved family and friends in Belgium, but probably not for long. This may be the end of an unforgettable internship, but it’s the beginning of something new and exciting.

The beginning

Adjusting to a new city and a new country takes some time and a good portion of exploration. It always goes hand in hand with a lot of excitement, discovering new things, meeting new people and finding a daily routine that fits you. If you’re at least a bit adventurous, this shouldn’t be a problem at all!

The process

During my stay in Hamburg, I was able to meet lots of new people, people who I first saw as someone really fun at work or during an evening course, but who I ended up being close friends with over time. Together with them, I explored the nightlife of Hamburg, like the Reeperbahn, and visited cozy bars or held fun picnics in the sun.


The end? A new beginning.

This is my last week at and my last fortnight in Hamburg. It goes together with a lot of mixed feelings. Personally, I am very happy that I could meet some amazing people here and make close friends with a lot of them. I’ll most definitely keep in touch with them. It was because of them that I could have some amazing experiences in the lively city of Hamburg. It’s the city I fell in love with and one that gave me the chance to explore myself.

Dear Hamburg, the last three months were amazing. Let’s double that time together at least a few times!



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