My journey into German pop music

Introductory Phase

I grew up on pop music. Well, what I really mean to say is that I grew up on pop music sung in the English language just like any other kids grew up in the pot of modern culture contaminated by American pop culture. I got addicted to pop music, in a sense any troubled teenagers find their missing voices in pop music. I was one of those kids who spend hours and hours on American/British music programs and browse through imported mags trying to find what is new and cool before anyone around me catches up. Unsurprisingly, my favorite bands have always been American/British with probably Australian and Swedish artists thrown in occasionally. My play lists are largely Anglo-American dominated just like any major magazines and websites on pop music in the English language. So German music? Eh… Bach? Beethoven? No, we’re talking about pop music here.

“They’re mostly German – Kraftwerk?” (from High Fidelity, 2000)

The quote sums it up pretty well. In a discussion of German pop music, Kraftwerk would be the first if not the most important to be name-dropped. (Ah probably next to Rammstein actually…) This is pretty much how far the conversation goes. Kraftwerk, Rammstein, or some German rock bands such as Scorpions. But isn’t it just simply absurd to make a snap judgment on the whole German music scene based on a handful of these well-known bands? Germany has over 80 millions of population. There gotta be tons of tons of bands/artists that are overlooked and not introduced to us by the UK/US centered media. As I started to study the German language and become friends with the Germans, I’ve become curious more and more about German pop music. It has been since then my pleasure to discover unknown (or unknown to me, to be more precise) music from Germany. Learning a foreign language and getting into its pop culture always go hand in hand, you know…

It’s highly personal – hope you enjoy it too though.

Over the last few years, I’ve compiled a list of German music I encountered and I would like to share a bit of it here. Yes, it’ll be rather my personal selections. Yes, it’ll be biased in some ways and uninformed in many ways. But hopefully you may find some stuff you like and we can share the exciting journey into the world of German pop music. You might find your new favorite band here. ..

For the starters…


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